oh, how green you look

It is my opinion that all great things have their beginnings in small places, fleeting thoughts, and passing offerings. It is our job (the crafters, the creatives, the dreamers) to bring these all together into some conglomerate harmony, and so the story begins.

We needed to buy his nephew a gift: a money box hidden as a book – like a spy might have.

“Blue or green?” he asked.

“I like the green one”, I said.

And so, we bought it.

Then we went home.

“la la la” went my voice, as we drove through the happy yellow sunlight and the shadow-shapes of tree-leaves.

Later, while he was playing video games, I started paper-stitching in lightning-green.

“Hmm”… I thought, “I wonder what we could wrap it in?”

Then it came to me;

“What about the paper bag, inside out, and covered in green?”

“zig-zag, zig-zag” went my pencil, until I was finished.


Now, my plan was to chop it up and wrap the gift like any other, but the handles looked so pretty in white. So, I …

… sewed it up and pulled its insides out and …

… ironed it flat and glued it back together again. Then I stuck the name of the child on the front …



But there was another problem – how to make the card. After considering fabric, cardboard and even plastic, I decided to use paper. I went with the lightning theme, making a giant zig-zag and gluing in all of the things I had stitched.

There. Finished. I very much like the continuity of each detail, but the best thing is that all was that the materials were virtually free and largely re-purposed. Oh how nifty, oh how green!

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