do-it-yourself deoderant

at the moment, I am without a camera, which makes me feel like I can’t write anything about the new knitting project I have started… instead, here’s the scoop on something else I did last week: do-it-yourself deoderant.

Here’s how:

(for my Joshie, who is not just another stinky boy)

first, go shopping. Stock up on bi-carb soda (useful for so many things), buy some extra cornflour (similarly versatile) , and peruse the local health food shop (I have found these places to hold the highest quality products)  for an essential oil that makes your heart sing. I chose spearmint for him and roses for me.

then, put on a pretty apron, clear some space in the kitchen, and mix 1/2 a cup of both the bi-carb and cornflour with as many drops of essential oil as you desire.

put it in a cleaver container, decorate if inclined, and feel happy knowing that you’re taking care of your skin.

(to give credit where it is due, this recipe came from here).

love love love

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