and then, the party!

having  gift-wrapped the gift for his nephew Kyle,

we were set to party in disco style.


Highlights of the event included:

1. Seeing the seven year old Michael Jackson (Ky) bust his killer moves.

2. Recognising video-clips from the 90’s.

3. The soundscape of joy, even if a little ear-splitting at times.

4. He (my boyfriend) letting me wear the silver wig I wanted to wear, just because I really wanted to, even though I might feel embarrassed or out of place or be the only one dressed up (which I almost was).


my best ‘mum-dancing’

Heathcote, Autumn, 2010


5. Witnessing Chelle’s (Kyle’s mum) hard work pay off. I mean, how cool is this birthday cake?

Ky's birthday cake

Kyle’s Seventh

Heathcote, Autumn, 2010


lucky kid.

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