for the forgetful…

for the little things

Autumn, Heathcote, 2010

Because it’s very easy and very useful, you’ll need:

  • one A4 sheet of cardboard
  • scrap papers (I used A4 size, torn in half) – reusing paper, with writing on one side, is perfect for this.
  • thread, sewing scissors, needle
  • hole punch
  • paper scissors
  • glue
  • sticky-tape
  • magnets

1. Sew the word “shopping” onto some scrap paper. Remember to make the words on the wrong side backwards. Use a simple running stitch, and you’ll be done in a minute or less.

2. Trim the paper to size and glue onto cardboard.

3. make scraps of paper into a uniform size, and punch some holes. I did four.

4. position in place and stitch onto cardboard.

5. Use sticky-tape to fasten magnets on the back.

(and that’s it! now write everything you need on the paper and just rip it off when it’s time to go shopping!

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