hearts for mother’s day

because love is fizzy

Autumn, Heathcote, 2010


Yesterday, Kyle and I made these funky fuzzy bath bombs together for mother’s day. It’s not until next weekend, but I thought it would be fun to do these after school, and I’m not around during the week that often. We used a recipe from the csiro website, except instead of using muffin trays, we used this super fun ice-cube tray from ikea, and instead of sweet almond oil, we used apricot kernal oil. We also tried a combination of green tea leaves and spearmint essence.

Here’s five best things about the experience:

1. Having mixing fights with spoons. yah! yah!

2. Writing in the bi-carb residue left on the table. “Kyle and Katie are Cool”

3. We did the clean up together. I was super proud because he is only 7. What a man!

4. Pressing the mix into the love hearts. Some were greedy and fat, and others were skinny and dying. We made every one healthy.

5. The quick dash to hide the hearts from Ann (mumma) and Chelle (mum).

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