My current to do… and an obsession with IKEA

Last week, I finished my last assignment for my arts degree. hurrah!

Soon I will start studying for a masters of teaching primary, but the question is, what shall I do with the time I have now?

Enter the list. Additions via comments are appreciated.


  • Visit the Sydney flower markets early on a saturday morning. Make the whole house beautiful with them.
  • Finish making quilt for local childcare centre
  • Go through bedroom and throw out old and useless things, no matter how interesting they are, in time for the council Clean-up. Everything that is unwanted but still use-able send to vinnies.
  • Make throw cushions for boyfriend’s new flat.
  • Update blog header to something more interesting. Reconsider polaroid format.
  • Finish reading To The Lighthouse

In other news, I changed my desktop picture to an image from IKEA (I think I am always on their website). Everytime I see it, I get excited. There is just something so magical about it, captured in: the way the plants creep out of their pots, the way the double doors frame the space, the teddybear left behind and the playful feet of the woman, reading.

you love it too… right?

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