today is 11 months…

“he bought it for me!”

Heathcote, Winter, 2010

…for my beau and I. We didn’t plan it, but having started dating on the first of the month has it’s perks (what a lovely way to mark a new month, right?)… and, admittedly, pitfalls (especially when you work in childcare: “a-pinch-and-a-punch-for-the-first-of-the-month, no returns!”). Yet, in spite of the rituals we observe each month, it is so easy to get caught up in the day to day routine of things. Let me explain by contrasting last month’s anniversary with today’s:

Last month marked a significant milestone for him, so I planned ahead to make it special: crafting for him an elaborate surprise gift of promises (photos to come). Simultaneously, he had thought ahead and ordered me a Laura Marling DVD, waiting anxiously for its arrival in the post, and being careful to hide it from view.

This month (today), I woke up to find that my previously well stocked underwear drawer was completely empty (where have the plenitudes of undies gone, eh?). Consequently, I wore bathers to work underneath a new pair of jeans, which was less than preferable, given how newly-laundered denim tends to shrink back to “how-did-I-gain-so-much-overnight?”. Thus, this month, I got underwear. And no, not the frilly kind (which is meant to be seen and taken off just as quickly:  frankly, why else would you bother?) please don’t get the wrong idea about the sentiment! The underwear(s?) he bought me were just 12 pairs of white cotton bikini briefs, to last me until my next stint with the sock-and-nicker-washing-monster (Stay away, fiend!)

As a side note, even though today was fairly ordinary, there are certain joys in the simplicity of our everyday existence (see photograph above) premised on generosity of spirit and an openness to each other.

(love you Josh xox)

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