winter treats and funny stories

Lately it has been quite cold. Today it even hailed. I tried to get a photo of it (because it was almost horizontal), but (how fickle!) the storm calmed just as I got out my camera (drat!). Luckily, because it cleared, I was able to open the window, breathe the rainy fresh air and capture the gerberas on the windowsill: making the grey fade away.

I think it’s important to have some happy reminders of warmth during winter.  For the past week now, my favourite breakfast has been this:

rice porridge (I am gluten intolerant) with stewed fruit, vanilla yoghurt, almonds and honey. yum!

I have also tried recreating a favourite of J’s –> enter the funny story, begun with a quick explanation:

When we’re in the Blue Mountains, our favourite cafe is the Wayzgoose, known best for their fresh baked flower-pot scones (they actually cook and serve the scones in terracotta flower-pots – follow the link to see a photo). Last week, among the vintage goodies we received were a pair of large white ramikins.

“aha!” thought my brilliant mind, “I will surprise J by cooking giant ramikin scones in the vain of the Wayzgoose!”

and I set about finding a good recipe for gluten free scones. The one I found made enough for a batch of 12 (fairly standard I do believe), and it looked easy enough so I set to work: rubbing butter into flour, folding in the milk and, after making a pretty delicious batter, I divided the mix between the two white ramikins.

Perfect, right?

Well… not quite.

– I failed to realise (in my design phase) that eating one would be equivalent to six. J managed 3/4 of his while I barely skimmed the top, but at least they were yummy and warm : )

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