the handkerchief dress [p1] and other bits and pieces.

This morning I woke up motivated and ready for the day; before it was even 7:00 I had made breakfast (a fried egg on gluten-free toast) and was reading a short devotional. Good effort methinks!

Soon after though, I realised how much work I have to get done for uni – ALOT. Having begged and begged to be able to study full time via distance though, I am determined to make it work. Yet, if I am to do anything, I think I need to get a few things out of my system, like:

1. The white cotton dress that I am piecing together, hereafter known as the lace handkerchief dress [bodice only at this stage].

2. The fabrics I bought for a special something for a special someone (they smelt like cigarettes so I put them through the wash and made a place for them to dry).

3. The little flower parachutes (this is what I call them because this is what they look like) I harvested from the gerberas that J bought me two weeks ago. I wonder if I can make them turn into flowers again?

4. The spottyness of the mirror in the bathroom; sometimes I can’t tell the difference between the spots on the glass and the ones on my face.

5. This card I bought from kikki k last week because oooh! It’s just so fun : )

Ok. I guess I should start doing some more work now…

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