and a good day was had by all

Yesterday was my 22nd birthday. It started with a cake the night before:

(vanilla and strawberry swirly cake, made by my beautiful sister A and her beau, D).

blowing out the candles, girlyand little again

and then, on the day of, I graduated!

all dressed up and ready to graduate

As a surprise (and a bit of an accident?) mum ordered an extra photo from the professional photographers on site. The photos don’t get sent out until later this month, but the extra fun one was a variation on this theme:

J is for the Joy he brings me

After it was all over (and I was kind of glad when it was – surprisingly the whole event was quite emotional!) my lovely parents took me out to lunch at the old government house.

Oh how lucky we are.

p.s. these are the flowers I made for my shoes to match my fuscha dress to match the lining of my fuscha hood. With matching hot pink nails, I felt a little bit legally blonde…

> better photo to come <

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