The mega week

This week has been very busy.

There have been many assignments to do

secret stitches being made for a deadline,

and some sad and unexpected news; my grandmother is very sick.

Hence, this moment marks the first chance I have had to write about any of it all – and still I do not know where to begin. Recently my mother told me of her friend’s metaphor of ‘keeping the bubble in the middle’ (as with spirit levels that measure how straight an angle is). I feel that for me, this requires some significant shuffling and sorting of all the bits and pieces that I’ve been thinking about lately – which luckily is made easier by writing. To this end, here is a list I am working on which is written to myself as a means of positive affirmation / self preservation:

  1. Get lots of sleep Katie. This will help you be ready for everything.
  2. Stop worrying about losing thoughts and moments. Use your camera, scraps of paper and blu-tac for retracing later.
  3. Keep writing lists and lists of lists to write.
  4. Discard the tasks that can be done later.
  5. Wait for the worst to actually happen before trying to fix it.

I think that’s enough for today, but I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me again soon.



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