a[nother] resolution.

It seems that this is how things always go: I want to write and be creative every day but then… life happens; It seems as though there is always something [else] to do, someone to see, errands to be run. Yet, in defiance of these patterns of late, I am resolved to write a blog post every day for this week at least. Will you read along to help keep me accountable?

Here are 5 offerings which have inspired me thismorning:

1. My friend Alison’s blog post about the need for hope in adversity.

2. this (functional) lego wedding ring (I want to get one for my beau) as worn by Tyler Walker, courtesy of Katie Sokoler of Color me Katie

3. Wendall Berry’s “how to be a poet“, “grace” and “the want of peace” (I love how accessible and contemplative his poems are).

4. These Delphinium flowers, courtesy of Rachel from Heart of Light:

(isn’t her photograph just so full of whimsy?)

5. The great big red ring that J bought me a while ago. Just wearing it makes me feel more creative.

There. That wasn’t so hard. Now to start on my next assignment: a scenario report for primary numeracy. hurrah!

One comment

  1. My dear Katie
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog. And now I’ve read yours I am equally encouraged!
    I too am in a space where I want to be creative but life gets in the way, so I love your challenge. Maybe I’ll do it too!
    P.S. I only discovered Wendell Berry recently. Want of Peace is one of my favourites….

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