her name means grace

Recently, it was my sister’s birthday. She turned 20 years beautiful, and celebrated the event with her beau and his relatives in victoria, giving me the chance to finish her present: a rag quilt

as it was being made

Heathcote | 2010

It was such a fun and easy project, based on the idea of keeping all the raw edges at the front so that they fray and become shaggy and lovely over time. I wanted to make her a quilt because, as we travel in different directions I thought it would be nice if she could take a reminder of me with her wherever she goes. I also wanted to make something pink and pretty since she is so ballerina like (which is also why I named it “Anna’s ballerina Quilt”):

It was so hard to keep this project a secret, but at last it is sitting in her room among all the other beautiful things she collects.

For the beautiful one, whose name means grace.


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