getting creative?

Lately I have poured hours into job searches and subsequent applications. While it would be lovely if they came to anything, I am starting to wonder whether a more creative option is viable in the vein of etsy (is there an australian equivalent?). Maybe I could start making and selling things online? (While I realise that this is not just as simple as making things and selling them – esp. legally – I am starting to wonder whether it is something worth looking into)

To this end I have been scouring through the interwebs trying to find a product that I could make that is both quick to make and light to post.

1. Cushion covers?

2. Paper decorations? in kit form?

3. Wall hangings?

4. Notecards?

5. Embroideries?

What are your thoughts?

One comment

  1. I love that wall-hanging! Although I think I would purchase any of the above – they are all so beautiful!
    The Australian equivalent is
    You are so gifted, I’m sure you could make a viable go of it.

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