happily, katie

a peaceful sunday

The air is fresh and fragrant, and the sky is bright and blue through the window. It is peaceful, and I feel hopeful. This morning J and I had our weekly pre-church coffee ritual with his parents and then went to an op-shop close by. Here are some of the spoils:

I’m not sure what I’ll use this (doona cover) for yet, but everytime I saw it in the shop I really wanted to buy it. It is slightly daggy as a doona cover, but I think it might look lovely as something else…


I think this fabric might make for some nice cushions?


When we were getting home, I picked a flower from a plant that I had been admiring all week. It was only as I picked it that I noticed its succulent leaves and glossy petals, like something you might find by the sea. I took some photos of it, and then put it in a glass on J’s desk for him to look at while he gets ready to head back to work tomorrow.


Sometimes when I look at how intricate things like flowers are, I wonder at how God is able to keep everything in perfect balance: even the flowers are growing, gracing us with their beauty, while all at once everything is moving, changing, dying and being made.
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