not always so happily.

my laptop, which has seen me through highschool and my first degree, has died (I write this on J’s new laptop – so glad he decided to buy it!).  All it will do is show me an error screen, attempt to wake up and then, all but blue with words that say:

To make matters worse, I have an assignment due today, which I forgot to back up via email or external hardware. “Ohhh maaaannn!” said I, for it is quite an uncommon mistake for me (being one who is usually quite pedantic about such things).

I decided to make the most of the time by hanging yesterday’s donna-cover-find up in the bathroom. This made me feel a little better.

but then I thought “maybe I will go for a walk and buy some chocolate and eat it”. I called J, made plans to go and then, low and behold, it started to rain. “maybe you can find an umbrella?” asked J hopefully.


Sadly, there was no umbrella to be found. (If I were at my mother’s house at the moment, this would not be a problem, for she collects beautiful umbrellas: henceforth, so may I).

“boooo hooo!” I wailed (for such was the extent of my grief)

but then I started to feel better; it was nice sharing my feelings with my camera, and the light was so bright and pretty in the bathroom. I decided to seek out more happy things: in the form of the other doona I found yesterday.

I wrapped it around me like a cuddle. Then got inspired to make it into…

… a cape!

and then, for fun, I tried it as an ooh la la dress.

ooh la la!

Luckily, J’s friend and flatmate, C is an IT whiz. I am hoping that perhaps he can find a way to bring my poor old laptop to its former glory (Otherwise, it’s back to the drawing board for me and my assignment).

One comment

  1. Oh-no! Poor KT and poor old le-laptop! You will think it strange, but just the other day I was thinking about nothing in particular, and got to wondering how much longer your ‘pooter was going to keep on ‘pootering. Let’s hope wonder-Chris can do a fixy-upy thing … in any case, I feel that Chocolate is always the best remedy in such situations.

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