a “can do” day.

As you may have read, yesterday my computer crashed, leaving me with a deadline for an assignment and nothing to show for the weeks of work I had put in to it. My friend C spent all night last night trying to retrieve it, and even took my laptop to work with him thismorning, but I am starting to think it a good idea to start trying to re-do it in case we can’t get it back.

To cheer me up, J brought home thai (my favourite) for dinner last night, as well as a block of chocolate, some toothpaste (we had run out. I hate having no toothpaste) and a bunch of these:

I have divided them into glass jars and they are sitting on the desk in his room at the moment (I feel pretty lucky to be able to spread all of these pink things over my very manly man’s desk) to help me remember to stay positive.

they look yummy don’t they? Oh, to be a bee.

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