projects I’d rather be doing

Well, my assignment is finished. C was able to find the file from my wrecked laptop, and I made the extended due date that my teacher so graciously gave me. Thus today, I came back to J’s parent’s house. It has been so lovely to re-acquaint myself with the room I have here:

(“Oh, hello Katie! I’ve missed you.”)


Instead of getting started on my next assignments (because how lame a reward is that for all of my hard efforts?) I have been spending the day (re)discovering different projects that I have lined up to be finished. Here are a few:

The yellow spot quilt, which began in 2006 (?)

The un-named half square triangle quilt, which began in 2000 (I think?)


This almost finished secret project, 2010


The Crocheted funky-nanna rug, begun winter, 2010


The Charm Squares which my mum gave me this month.


and this idea for a hand towel, which I devised just this afternoon (The idea is that you can button it in a loop so that it won’t fall off the towel rail).

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