Today J and I drove to a local lookout for what I thought would be a relaxing study session. We bought coffee and packed pencils, books, food to eat and jackets because it was quite cold and almost rainy. I actually did get some study in before J said:

“lets get out and stretch our legs a little”.

So we walked over to a patch of grass which was unoccupied and looked out at the beautiful blue ocean before us, reminiscing about all the times we had been in the very same spot before. In the midst of it all, J was down on one knee and asking:

“my Katie, will you marry me?”.

You can imagine my response:

“yes! yes! yes! yes! yes!”

So now we are engaged. Like real grown ups. I love the ring J bought me: because it is beautiful, but mostly because it is certified conflict free and fairly traded. He really got it right!

I guess now I have an excuse to peruse wedding blogs and boutiques because (yipppeee!) I’ll be getting married.

p.s. typing is so much funner now that I am wearing a beautiful ring. I feel like a princess.

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