and so it begins…

…since becoming engaged 24 hrs ago, I have not done any study for my upcoming exam. Instead I have been scribbling thoughts and ideas, looking at blogs and browsing through vintage wedding dresses on etsy (thanks yoshi!). I’ve decided that I really do want to wear a vintage dress, since: they are typically cheaper than new ones, they have a certain patina which new ones don’t, it’s more environmentally friendly (since the same dress gets re-used again), and there are some really interesting dresses which just aren’t available in stores.

Having done a little bit of research, it’s surprising how much I have already discovered about what I like and what I don’t like. Strapless dresses, for example, are generally not to my liking, along with: overall puffiness, too much frill and an excess of lace (“no lace Mrs Bennet, I beg you”) (although I actually quite like the tiered lace look on some dresses).  Conversely, I have a penchant for clean lines, sparkly sequins and anything tastefully textured. These dresses are some examples of what I would love to wear:

It’s very gold and very sparkly. J shook his head, but I think it’s fun (even if it does have impossibly small waist and bust measurements – squeeze!)


This is another sequin dress. For some reason J didn’t like this one either…


I so love this one. It seems almost bird-like to me. J also said that I “have lovely clavical bones” (aww. how sweet), which would be “nice to see, if possible”.

I have also found some dresses which would be lovely to wear on our honeymoon (we are thinking melbourne, since it’s close enough to be quite affordable, but far enough away to be interesting. I also like the idea of being able to revisit the spot in order to re-live the memories we’ll make there), such as this one

The girl selling this  dress via etsy (dandeliondreamer) actually lives in France: scouring its vintage boutiques for authentic and beautiful finds (some of them handmade). Is this incentive to save money on the wedding or what?!


In other news, I have been experimenting with colors and patterns. Not sure what they’ll be used for yet, but it’s alot more fun than reading for primary maths (which I will do shortly, promise). This one is traced from the doona cover I bought last month, and the orange colour (which is actually more of a pink) is fabric underneath the paper (it looks a little bit drab here but in person the muted tones are quite lovely). I am feeling like using some watercolor paint with it, since I haven’t done any painting in a while…



It is fortunate for me that we haven’t set a date yet, since it means I can play around with pretty things without the need to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid). Maybe this means I should utilise this time to make as many things as possible, since I may not have the chance to later… but it probably means that I really should get back to study, without further ado.

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