a ring, a scarf, a balloon

I’ve been making something lately that seems to attract alot of attention. It is a scarf (a very frilly, very full scarf, which is more like a fabric boa). When I dreamed it up last week, I thought it would be magnificent, inspired, beautiful and oh so chic. This week, I’ve been thinking maybe it is a little much (since most of the people I’ve shown have thought it too heavy looking). In spite of this, I think I still do like it, and at least it utilises scrap fabric (alot of scrap fabric) from old shirts and sample swatches, making it quite eco-conscious. What do you think?

I really should put this in context. Last week I got thinking about engagement photo-shoots and how I might like to create one with J. There are so many fun and elaborate  ideas out there, so I think it likely that our photos may end up being an amalgamation of many influences. All I know at this stage is that the scarf will form part of my ‘costume’ (since it is so fun to dress up) and I want to incorporate balloons (aren’t they just so friendly?).

(UP! themed engagement shoot)

(maybe all we really need is just one fun balloon?)

Here are some of the other links I’ve been saving:

1. Cute dress right?

2. Umbrella and foot love!

3. Talk about balloons being fun:

4. A picnic would be great because then we could eat some yummy food afterwards.

5. This one is fun and also features a beautiful double wedding ring quilt annnndd if J brings his guitar then he can serenade me for a little while and I will have a nice good rest. Thinking of this reminds me of the owl and the pussycat as well as Chagall’s painting which inspired the Notting Hill quote “Happiness isn’t happiness without a violin playing goat” (not that J is a goat).



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