how to clean a bath-tub with a grapefruit.

A little while ago, I read that it is possible to clean a bath tub using only a grapefruit and some salt. Last week, I decided to try it, although I used bi-carb soda instead of the salt because – we didn’t have any!


Although I had given the bath a bit of a clean the day before (using a mop and a little bit of bleach), there were still some yucky marks lingering (they look extra yucky here – for effect – the bathtub wasn’t actually green).



so I cut a lovely red grapefruit in half


… (and I thought to myself: “this looks like some sort of contemporary still life, doesn’t it?”)…

then I got to work scrubbing. The idea is to toss some bi-carb / salt around the bath tub first. The added advantage of using bi-carb is that it fizzles on contact with the grapefruit’s acidic juices.


It’s kind of fun and fruity and a bit tropical. And it smells devine!


I also discovered that you can clean shower glass this way quite effectively as well…



and just look how the grapefruit half makes a sun to brighten the rain clouds!



But the best thing is, ta da! a beautiful clean bath. Thankyou grapefruit!



This just goes to prove that the inclusion of natural ingredients (like grapefruits) in cleaning products is more than just a marketing ploy.


(this is one of my favourites. I hate wearing gloves, so it’s nice to be able to use something which won’t hurt my hands!)

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