Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

well, it’s the 20th of January: a little late for Christmas and New Year Cheer. To be honest, this Christmas snuck up on me a little, and it was all I could do to finish a few DIY gifts, cards and take a few quick snaps along the way, like this one:

my take on a “christmas tree”, we meant to place presents underneath it, but since we spent our time between different houses and purchased some of our gifts at the last minute, it remained (pretty, though) bare.

I also got to turn this:

(how cute was kikkiK’s Christmas bag last year?!)

into these:

I also made a “time out” bag for J,

(it came complete with a new art journal, music voucher, my favourite poems, some drawings I did and a matching pen-roll)

I also finished the elusive sewing project I referred to (ages) earlier (it’s hard to keep some things a secret!): a topsy turvey doll for Anna, to match the quilt I made for her birthday. She has a made up and awake face:

and one for sleepier times:

doesn’t she look cute, waiting to be found?

Oh, and we bought Dahlias,

and bubbles for the nephews,

which was pretty great really.

For more Christmas stuff, check out the crackers made by artemis:


and this fun cookie tree:



I can’t wait for Christmas this year (J and my first together!)



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