happily, katie

our creative hour

This afternoon, J and I got spontaneously creative; he playing guitar while I decided to experiment with head-gear for the wedding.

if you have a chance, please do visit the blog of artemis aka “tales of a junkaholic“. I will let you find the post she wrote about this headband because it is fun to delve through the treasure trove which is her blog.

I didn’t have any sewing gear with me thisafternoon, so I made do with a white chalk marker on the looking glass:

it was easy enough to do (with one eye closed for accuracy) but it was a tricky tricky thing to photograph for demonstrative purposes.

after getting a little bit frustrated…

… I enlisted J’s help.

(much better – although it looks like I’m about to be sprinkled by the showerhead…)



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One thought on “our creative hour

  1. When you finalise the design, I’ll make it for you!!!

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