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our grandmother

This morning my grandmother, Thelma, passed away in her sleep, having battled against cancer for over a decade. I am told that my grandfather, Roy, was asleep beside her at the time, so I like to think that she was content.

Thelma Joyce Richardson

1937 – 2011


My grandmother (mama) was a kind and gentle person with a strong spirit. I remember her laughter (there was a certain melody to it), the fondness you could hear in the timbre of her voice and the way her eyes would crinkle when she smiled.

Before my grandmother passed, she gave me this brooch. I have heard that its design is called “the blue bird of happiness”.

“It’s only a cheap little thing” she said, “but it belonged to your great, great aunt Jess”.

She told me that it had been overlooked by everyone else – that nobody really wanted it and it was going to be thrown out:

“so I asked if I could have it, to have something to remember her by”.

She told me that Jess was a kind woman whom she looked up to and admired. When I hold the brooch in my hand now, it seems only fitting that the same reverence be bestowed for my grandmother, who cherished us all and sought after our happiness.



for Thelma

Summer | 2011

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One thought on “our grandmother

  1. kristen on said:

    This is very sweet Katie. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at this sad time. Take comfort and treasure those wonderful memories.

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