Love and Marriage

It’s been a long time since I’ve written much here! I guess that just demonstrates how all consuming it has been to prepare for and (finally) get married. In the lead up to it all, I spent so much time on little details which in the scheme of things paled into insignificance  on the day; though I spent so long thinking about how everything should look and be, when the day came I felt strangely separate from it all. I felt like I had been granted a miracle, because the day was so different, so special and so much more than I could ever have envisaged; it was just perfect.  The love and support of our family and friends was palpable, the weather was beautiful and, to see my man standing there waiting for me was something I’ll always remember:

(some unofficial photos)

Our mothers – who made the whole day possible : )

The wedding cake – made by my Aunty Jen : )

We are the lucky ones : )

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