it grows, remember, it grows

On friday I achieved so many things: a trip out to see the new Spotlight at Miranda, groceries and wine carried across two train trips, a shot of antioxidants, a work out, a surprise baked dinner for J, a new craft project and… a new hair colour.

Blame it on the multi-tasking. Between parsnips and potatoes* I found myself drawn to those boxes with the glamorous hair girls thinking “yes, blonde hair for me, into the basket you go” .

Later that afternoon, I caught myself thinking “I have lovely hair. Really. I don’t need to do this”, but somehow the 6 easy steps to blonde caught the better of me and soon enough, giddy with excitement, the colourant was through my hair and I was wizzing around the house: tidying, tidying and fixing everything. Our dinner was almost ready and I had only ten minutes to wait before rinsing out the dye: then all would be revealed. Foamtastic!

J got home while I was in the shower. I told him the good news (“I’m colouring my hair, isn’t it great?!”) and like always, he was happy and supportive “oh Katie it’s changed already, it’ll look so good”.

Unfortunately, as I sat in front of the heater towel-drying my hair I realised that the ‘blonde’ it was supposed to be was more like orange:

I spent the rest of the night, and the following day alternating between “I think I actually do like it, it’s kind of like I’ve got red hair” and “what have I done?! It looks hideous”. It was during one of the latter periods that I became determined to go to the hairdressers to get something done about it (being too scared to try anything else on my own). So J drove me to there, helped me commit to the decision, waited for over an hour while I got foils done. I guess the success of this story is testament to his patience and generosity because I really was quite difficult about the whole thing; “I don’t know, I think I like it, no, it’s horrible! oh, I don’t know, it looks ok now…”

Thankfully, the foils I got done did the trick. Check it out:


*does it seem strange to anyone else that the hair colour kits are next to the produce in the Miranda woolworths store?

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