and as normal life resumes…

… the cleaning is what gets us (we’re not always the best at chores). I have heard people say that the first year of marriage is all about working these things out. Personally I think it will be a struggle for us our whole lives, but part of the problem is apathy; it’s so easy to feel complacent about piles of clean washing and assorted clutter because without a parent saying “look at that mess!”, when it’s behind closed doors, who’s to know?

So, in a bid to care more (and hopefully clean more) I will photograph each space as I clean it and post it here. Today, let me show you my craft desk:

Ta da! To the left of the frame is the door way, to the right, a makeshift ironing board (a cardboard box topped with towels and calico). It’s a bit cluttered at times, but as long as I can spend twenty minutes tidying it before I start anything new, I think I can keep it looking like this (I think I can I think I can).

Behind this photo is all kinds of mess, so stay tuned for a tidy spare room to come!

P.s. Jenny D, if you’re reading this, thankyou infinitely for the iron you bought us for our wedding gift, even if I am very behind on the ironing, it has been invaluable for many craft projects!



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