Love and marriage 2: Aimee and Luke

Two weeks ago, our good friends Aimee and Luke got engaged (hooray!). I am very excited for them because, quite frankly, they are super together. We get to hang out from time to time and sometimes I catch myself imagining; we are older and are talking around a coffee table, just like we do now. I like to think that we’ll still be talking when we’re starting a family, raising our children, struggling through teenage angst all over again and celebrating our empty nests together. For now though, getting take-out and watching movies could not be more fun with any other couple.

To top it off, on monday Aimee gave me this:

can you guess what it is?

a book, right?

ooh! a surprise secret!

“ohh!! yes! I would love to be your bridesmaid!”

So, yippeee! I’m going to be one of Aimee’s bridesmaids!! (p.s. Aren’t these paper dolls so cute? What a fun and creative way to celebrate the moment!) I can’t wait to be standing there, holding hands for the real thing. Congratulations Aimee and Luke! Looking forward to the big day, and to the many good times heading your way!

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