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the hippest new cafe in engadine

Welcome to the Jack of hearts and Jude. Here are 5 quick things I love about this place:

1. The China is fine boned and English. Each cup and saucer is different, so eating and drinking here is homely and lovely and personal, like having afternoon tea with a friend, inside on a rainy day. There is a certain joy in being entrusted with something so special and delicate.

2. When I ordered a Chai latte, they served it in a teapot. The tea leaves and cardamon pods were dancing in the milk and the taste was subtle and gentle and friendly, delicious.

3. the staff are super happy and friendly.

4. They played Darren Hanlon! He’s one of my favourites!

5. They have cool bunting. I like staring up at it while I drink.

What a cute and fun place to find, nestled away, like all true treasures are.
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3 thoughts on “the hippest new cafe in engadine

  1. Carolyn and myself were there only but yesterday! Yes it is trendy indeed. I liked the paper rain clouds/ drops of water beside the doorway to the kitchen. And the teapot cosies!

  2. I don’t like the idea of having to share a table with strangers.

  3. Karen on said:

    I went there today for the first time and LOVED IT! The soup was to die for, it’s cosy and reminds me of my nana’s home. I’ll be back for sure.

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