our mountain retreat

I am very fortunate to have parents who let us lob in on them every so often; for the past few days, J and I have been staying in the Blue Mountains: eating well, sleeping in, listening to talking books and leaving the cares of work, study and household maintenance behind. This is the way a holiday should be!

and when we felt like it,

we went for a wander,

In Katoomba, a pigeon got herself trapped inside a patisserie. There was a big fuss among the patrons which was quite a sight in the *shopfront window: wings flapping, men and women darting this way and that, flailing arms, a feather flying, hands grasping at thin air, until at last some able person cupped his hands around the bird and released her into the free air. She chose a perch atop a bakery, among other feathered fiends. I like to mis-read the sign as The Homing (as in pigeon) Bakery, and pretend that it caters exclusively to birds, serving crumb-sized portions of every kind of bread and pastry.

In Leura, we enjoyed ducking in and out of shops to escape the cold. We had coffee and hot chocolate at the Red Door Cafe. Look at the funny face the barista is pulling in the background (He is doing this in three of my other photographs also).

I like to imagine the crockery was trying to tell us something.

We spied on strangers, sipping their drinks, huddling together, and talking, as the cars and people passed by.

If you are visiting Leura, check out: Megalong Books, The Leura Toy Shop, The moontree gallery, The Elizabeth Rosa Stationary Shop, The Wayzgoose Cafe (famous for its flowerpot scones) and The Candy Store

*This reminded me of one of my favourite poems, Spring is like a perhaps hand, by e.e. cummings. Read it here.

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