coming home, and the making of coziness

Yesterday, we woke up and packed our belongings: an arduous process that took us nearly three hours (I had many old things to sort through – 22 years worth of accumulated clutter). By the end, we felt tired-but-happy, and the drive home was restful as we listened to The Fellowship Of The Ring on talking book.

We got just what we wished for: a break away from home, long enough to enjoy coming back. In fact, we felt so motivated that J bought lunch and cooked an inventive dinner (pasta with the most delicious mushroom and bacon white sauce w. english spinach), while I spent the afternoon/evening establishing a comfy little study spot, complete with a pin-board, made using cardboard packaging, an old sheet, some cotton tape, assorted buttons and a very handy glue gun.

Study-spot, done! Ready for use when our holiday has ended.

(with the help of a little friend, rawwrr!)

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