in colder climes

During winter, I will at times savour the biting cold across my face, fleetingly, across short trips between houses and car-doors and cafes: but generally, I  am more inclined to stay inside and avoid exposing  any inch of skin to the cooler air.

I tend to slow down in the cold, taking extra time to do simple things. Awkward and sluggish, I feel encumbered by layers of extraneous clothing.

So sometimes, in the middle of winter, I like to stand next to the heater and forget how cold it has been. In my pretend-summer, the freedom of jumping around in a dress is a new-found sensation that inspires all kinds of enterprises (even if they are as simple as doing the washing up and tidying our spare room).

It reminds me of a line from Darren Hanlon’s “Romance is Deafening”:

“if you can’t find the sun, just turn on a lamp and pretend that it’s one”

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