when I tidy my room…

…I feel better, as though I can achieve anything. In order to clear the clutter and get everything sorted out properly, I bribe myself with the promise of decorating afterwards.

I made this banner a little while ago. I have been going through a bit of a creative rut (I just don’t feel like sewing right now) but hopefully, waking up to this every day might make me feel more motivated.

I have also made a corner of our room just for me. It has my favourite shiny dress, a vintage hat case (a beautiful wedding present – thankyou Jo if you are reading this), the flowers I bought earlier this week, some bottles of perfume, and some interesting book-finds:

I bought these when I went to reverse garbage with Aimee (we were looking for supplies for her wedding). If you haven’t been there before, I recommend that you do – just for the experience. There are all kinds of interesting things to be found; some are genuinely exciting (I saw some sea-foam green, industrial looking, formica desks that would look beautiful in my idealised craft/work space), some are just plain odd (a giant dinosaur head, armless shop mannequins and big film canisters – which I had a strange fascination with) and then some things… would end up in my recycling bin.

In particular, these books appealed to me. The big red book is a stamp album, I have another of the same size and colour (I am so excited to start collecting stamps again!!). The blue book is all about how to be a successful typist; it has samples of old handwriting and exercises you can do on your typewriter, and it opens at the top (how nifty!). The third book with the flag and emblem on it is an Portuguese to English phrase book. I enjoy looking through it to see the English phrases that don’t make sense. And the best thing? $6 for all three.

So if you’re having trouble feeling motivated, try shifting things around and sorting through them until your space is a blank canvas to be adorned in all your favourite things. It’s healthier for your body (who knows what breeds below those piles of forgotton clothings) and it does your brain good (“look how tidy and well indexed all of my things are“).

(Let’s just see how long we can keep it that way!)


  1. I love that dress! Also, great Reverse Garbage finds. I have been trying to get down there all holidays… but I just don’t have room for any more stuff! :\

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