thinking more positively.

So lately, I’ve been learning that there are times when I can choose whether to feel miserable/cranky/hopeless or try for a more positive outlook. Even knowing that I have the power to choose how I look at my situation is encouraging. Sometimes it feels more gratifying to wallow in misery, but when I really think about it, I would rather let all that go and try for something better. It is not always achievable in an instant, or even a day (sometimes the only thing you can do is sit and wait for the bad mood to pass), but there are times when we can find the will power to carry on through our own stubbornness and inertia.

Today feels like one of those days; it would be so easy to feel overcome by a number of things which I don’t feel like doing (work, study, scripture class tomorrow, housework that needs to be done), but I know that if I start with one thing and work through it, I can get through it all (and maybe even enjoy the process).

It can start with something little, like making a craft activity for work. Three little bookmarks, and I have achieved something.

So this morning, I am going to get through my list of things to do, and I am going to reflect on how lucky I am: to be alive, to have a wonderful husband, to be loved by God, to be able to understand just how good all these things are.

If you can, try making this day a positive one. What does that look like for you?

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