friendship is a gift we share

On the weekend, I had tea with my friend Carolyn. She made little flourless orange cakes which we ate with strawberries while we talked. She was knitting a beautiful headband (Carolyn is often knitting and she is very industrious. Visit her shop here.) and I continued work on a red knitted scarf (which I had started last year and had not looked at since). Before I left, she lead me over to her wardrobe and invited me to choose something to borrow. I chose this dress – isn’t it beautiful?!

I love the lace on the hem

and the way the fabric criss-crosses over itself at the front.

But the best thing? Yesterday the weather was warm enough to wear it outside. The dress and I went to the park, trotted around the shops in engadine, and jumped for joy in the front garden of my parents-in-law’s house (they didn’t know, but J and I came to visit while they were at work; we cleaned up some of the things we had left there from before we were married).So, if you’re reading this Carolyn, thankyou for your lovely and generous loan of the floral dress. It was a beautiful gesture which made my day just that little bit more special : )

p.s. writing this has made me imagine how interesting it would be to send an object through the hands of different people with a journal to record the many adventures they might have together. It reminds me of the book crossing project (check out the website, it’s fascinating), which I’d love to be a part of. My friend Matt and I once released a book into the wild (I don’t remember which it was and to be honest, he did all of the work – I was more like a witness): in a Gloria-Jeans cafe in winmalee, years ago. I wonder what happened to it?

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