Thursday is a day I keep free to do uni work, cleaning, and anything else of importance. But today, I have been getting through my fun to do list (not to be confused with what I really need to get done…) and busying myself with things that are not really that urgent. Like tea and a freddo frog* while looking through blogs.

Sometimes I read blogs just because I love imagining: having a house with J (and styling it together), what it will be like to have children of my own someday and the kinds of adventures I want to make sure to get up to. I love reading The Happy Home for that reason; its author, Belinda, has the kind of lifestyle that I imagine being my own one day (which is still here right now, but I long for my own patch of grass, walls that I can paint or move and fix things to, sunlit spots and places to put things)

Sometimes I read blogs for the projects they inspire. I like to imagine how I will celebrate things with friends and make things beautiful, in a chic but cheap and cheerful kind of way. So I Read this post on The Sweetest Occasion.


And sometimes I just like to look in on other people’s lives and think, “how beautiful” or “how quaint” or “that feeling is really so universal”. I like to think that experience is transferable (no man being an island and all that) and being open to the stories of others makes us more generous. So I enjoyed reading about Mandy’s holiday.


*I bought a bag of freddo’s two weeks ago, to use in scripture, but have since learnt that a freddo contains the perfect amount of chocolate to quell a craving.  They’re cute too.

I like to dip them into cups of peppermint tea.





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