reclaiming sew-jo!

sew-jo (or sewing mojo) can be lost from time to time. Recently, I had found it hard to sit and sew, for a number of reasons (the desk is messy, I have to move that chair, I should be doing other things, I have to unpick the seam first etc.) which I (self)diagnosed as an overall lack of sew-jo.

Today I had planned to clean the house, make a delicious dinner, read through all my uni articles and have time to exercise, do my nails and maybe re-tidy the spare room (it messes so easily). Instead I shut out everything (except J, he is my favourite) and reclaimed my sew-jo: sitting down to work on some cushions…

and this quilt top…I am (not so)secretly chuffed with myself, and though the house is a mess and dinner is not made and the work I have to do for uni remains piled on my desk… the night is young!

and I am awake in it.



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