meet Harper Grace

… my new niece. She was born at 8:52 am yesterday (17th August). Isn’t she beautiful? Looking at this photograph, I can already see the same cute nose, beautiful big eyes and full lips from her mother, and I think (is it to early to say this?) she has the same calm relaxed temperament as her father. He was the first to meet us yesterday, wearing scrubs and a wide, content smile. He showed us photographs of the birth and recounted how it had gone, including what it felt like to hold his daughter, watch her wriggle and look up at him: “it was unreal”, he said.

Harper’s brothers were similarly captivated: they just wanted to see her, hold her and play with her – their new sister.

“She is very small and very precious” we said, “and tired, look, she’s sleeping”.

Then we went in to see Chelle (proud mum). She looked tired and was still in alot of pain from the operation (a cesarean), but was happy (satisfied – content – tired – overjoyed) to see her baby girl and two boys again.

Then the boys took turns holding Harper, gently, carefully and with responsible arms.

Then visiting hours were over, and we had to go.

Holding my new niece, as on official aunt (being married-in now) was exciting and humbling. Here she is at the very beginning of her life. I wonder about her little personality, about the kind of person she will develop into (both her brothers are quite different little people: both delightful, both kind, but very different) and about all the adventures she’ll have. I hope to be a part of them, or even just to be there to see her and say “wow, you really are a miracle”.

Welcome to the world, little Harper Grace.

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