They don’t have to be flowers…

Recently, I decided to buy flowers every week (because they are so beautiful, so happy). Unfortunately, I realised that this really isn’t in the budget at the moment (since we are trying to save money where we can for a house deposit), so yesterday, I looked outside to find some communal flowers no one would miss. Instead, I noticed the shapes of green plants growing innocently in forgotten corners, along the way.

Like this branch I cut from a plant growing beside some gravel. It’s the same kind of plant that once grew outside my kindergarten classroom. I still remember the time when we took cuttings of it, dipped them in some special powdery stuff and re-planted them in Styrofoam cups. My teacher’s name was Mrs Buckle. She wore big earrings and interesting dresses and wooden beads in the shapes of animals. That’s the kind of teacher I want to be (unusual).

I also found these beautifully slender weeds growing along a fenceline.

I like how their leaves look like love hearts.

So, if you’re strapped for time or cannot afford store-bought flowers, see what’s around outside. Plants are beautiful and miraculous, even without their blooms.

(Thankyou God, for how varied and interesting the green things are.)



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