drawing happiness

We have a special place in our apartment, reserved for drawings made by children at work.  Sometimes, when I have an assignment to do or am just generally feeling overwhelmed, I like to stand and look at the pictures and remember:

This drawing is of a dinosaur, Ava, on her birthday. Can you see the present she’s holding? There’s a cake inside, apparently. Look at all the colours Ava is wearing – her party dress, complete with a hat. I was very impressed with the detail and complexity in this picture, which reflects the interesting little personality who made it; she is happy and mild-tempered and enjoys it when you smile at her and say silly things like “honey makes you funny! Jam makes you scram!”.

My other favourite picture is a depiction of Josh and I getting married:

I love the way the stage frames us, the giant flowers, the sunshine and blue sky, our many fingered hands (or at least, my many fingered hands) our geometric bodies and love-struck expressions. I laugh inwardly every time I see our faces; they are so perfect, so delightful. The girl who made it has a squeaky voice and wide smile. She is very earnest, and sometimes, there is such seriousness about her, that you easily forget she is in kindergarten. She is often adamant about things she enjoys, and it can be hard not to laugh (at her seriousness and because she is so cute) when she tells you things like “all I want for my birthday is a snowball”.

It’s easier to be motivated to study (teaching) when I remember how interesting and autonomous young people can be.

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