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bugs about

I should probably stay in bed right now, having had tummy bugs sprung upon me last night. It has been a long time since I have felt this weak (and dependent “J could you buy me some lemonade? fetch me some water? turn out all the lights?”). It’s hard to eat things slowly, wait and rest and try to give myself a break. I am someone who cannot bear to be idle, and with two assignments due on friday, I really can’t afford to be; yet, rest is the key to feeling better.

So? I think I will open the windows, bring in some fabric, lay in bed and do some making. Maybe Hexies are in order:

(I made these for mum’s birthday last week – she loves hexagons so I made some with magnets in the back so she can play with them on the fridge.)

What do you like to do on your sick days?

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2 thoughts on “bugs about

  1. Katie! I really enjoy reading your blog – it always makes me smile! I’m so glad that you haven’t lost any of your creativity (and can still be so creative and positive when you have a tummy bug!!) Feel better soon! :)

  2. aww, thanks Marika :)

    I’m feeling much better now :)

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