one hour.

I am at saturation point presently; having spent the last fortnight writing one assignment after the next, it is getting difficult to hold things precisely in my mind or feel like I know anything clearly. Today I have been pushing through, moving from one small attainable goal to the next. J has lovingly cleaned the kitchen, made me smoothies, pre-prepared dinner ingredients (a gluten-free chicken tortellini – I can’t wait!) and given me the encouragement I need to get this last assignment finished.

Yet, I feel that one hour of ‘me’ time is not only justifyable, but neccesary before moving on to the finish line. So far I have had a shower (I am sitting here wrapped in towels, watching the wind blow through the trees outside the window) and am now contemplating what to do for my birthday (21st September). I love looking at shiny pretty birthday parties on the sweetest occasion:

like this one. I like the colours, the softness of the foliage, and the leaves in her hair.

I also found this photo, which is how I imagine the space behind my one-day shop. (I picture strings of lights overhead, and soft music).

…and I never tire of this photo (click on it to see more from the party) – I would so love to throw birthday parties for my children!

Working on an assignment doesn’t seem so hard if these are things I can look forward to, one day, if I’m lucky enough : )

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