a day out with Carolyn

On Saturday, my friend Carolyn took me out to Newtown.  We spent the day meandering along King street, which holds an assortment of beautiful and bizarre shops. It is also home to “a coffee and a yarn”: a knitting cafe where you can buy wool and knit with it:

I enjoyed looking at the knitted things on display, such as subversive toys with wicked grins,While we sat, we could see this building across the road, for lease. Just imagine it as a patchwork shop cafe, with tables chairs and umbrellas out the front and free sewing classes on saturdays. How dearly I want to get rid of the dirt and rubbish and make it look beautiful. Ah well. For someone else. As we walked, we also passed by a button shop, which had giant novelty buttons in unexpected places. It reminded me of the borrowers.

soo many buttons!

Walking around, I felt strangely like a tourist: everything was fresh and new and interesting to look at. We ate lunch in the park. It was warm. Magpies (or were they pigeons?) tiptoed up to us as we sat: looking for morsels of food and peeking up at us, expectantly. Strangers’ instruments made friends in an impromptu jamming session, singing “how do you do? who are you?”. It was beautiful to behold and reminded me of my uni days, making friends out of strangers and learning that the heart of generosity is in an openness to others.

The last stop of the day was a cafe called Luxe, a regular haunt of Carolyn’s, recently. I thought it was beautiful. I loved the dark wooden beams, hanging like silhouettes, against the white white walls. I had a chai latte and a flourless orange cake: amazing. I liked spying on the people around us as we ate.

A beautiful day, with a beautiful girl (and who knew it would be so quick a journey on the train?).

(Thank you God for friends like these.)

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