Aimee’s kitchen tea

Yesterday, we had a kitchen tea for my friend Aimee. The tables were lined with rustic hessian (which still held the aroma of coffee beans),

doilies were strung up as bunting,

flowers (ranunculus’) were brought to the table,

and we lit some candles (they looked so lovely: golden yellow on a white day)

I enjoyed meeting Aimee’s family and noticing their common nuances. There was a real warmth shared between them as each delighted in celebrating their youngest’s upcoming marriage.

It was also lovely to have children present: like little miss M, who took note of cupcake:people ratios, and watched carefully over the cats in the backyard.

There were fun games to play, beautiful food to eat and lively conversation to be had.

But I think my favourite detail was the stand of cupcakes, made by another of Aimee’s sisters: cute!Congratulations, beautiful Aimee!  May these days leading up to your wedding be joyful, we can’t wait to see you become Mrs B!

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