six months

Today, Josh and I have been married for six months. To celebrate, I hung up the fairy lights from our wedding and made some happy signs. They have since fallen down and are now adorning our sideboard: so shiny.

We have spent the day on creative pursuits (he with a guitar and I on my sewing machine), watching movies, making pancakes and relishing the last day of the holidays (which have been busy, I have so much to tell of).

I also made J a book using kikki.K’s new create program (It’s so fun and easy to use – worth a look). Because I only placed my order on wednesday it won’t arrive until next week, but we still got to look at the preview:

I can’t wait to get the real thing in the post!

So, to Josh (my best friend, my safe place, my comfort, my joy, my hope, my dream, my song),

thankyou for the past six months! I love being your wife. You make my happiness complete. There is no song without you.

and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant / and whatever a sun will always sing is you

I love you SO much.

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