Aimee and Luke get married!

on the 3rd of October, Aimee and Luke were married! I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid, which meant that I got to hold these beautiful flowers,

and rally alongside Aimee as she prepared to marry her prince. She was so calm and graceful through the whole thing, and so ready to begin this new chapter of her life’s story.

As we walked into the church, a song Luke had written for Aimee on piano was playing. It was all I could do to get down the isle without crying: the song so beautiful, their love so sweet, and my own husband standing as best man. Then, Aimee walked down the isle: so serene, so content and ethereal. Luke mirrored her calm joy with a look of anticipation, affection and belonging.

After the ceremony, the bridal party climbed into the van which Fairlie (another bridesmaid and Aimee’s new sister-in-law) drove to the reception. It was like going for a holiday!

The reception was held on a farm. The clean open air was so refreshing, it made me feel like frolicking! It was fun posing for photos against that backdrop, I can’t wait to see how they turned out.

Look at how beautifully decorated the reception was!

It was a fun night! here are 5 of my favourite moments:

1. J’s speech. It was even funnier live. Here he is saying: “to which he replied, ‘you don’t hold a trident, you weild it'”. I was so proud.

2. Aimee and Luke’s speeches, wherein they professed their love and support of each other – I felt so honored to know them and to bear witness to their love. Significantly, I realised I could no longer call these people “J’s friends” but mine as well.

3. Aimee and Deb (maid of honor), best friends, hugging before Aimee left as a Mrs.

4. The flower toss. And the going away dress Aimee wore – so cute!

5. Being there to send Aimee and Luke off!

Beautiful Aimee and Luke, enjoy your honeymoon and time as newly weds! Can’t wait to see you both! <3

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