Get organised for Christmas: Week three, five ways with kraft paper

This week, I have looked at alot of wrapping paper:


but while I think these are absolutely beautiful, I love the simplicity of ‘brown paper packages tied up with string’. While kraft paper is cheap ($4 /15m roll) and plain there is something so heartfelt and honest about it.

Here are 5 different ways to wrap with it:

a string of sequins: shiny and flashy, they remind me of dress-ups and ice-blocks, summer days and glitter-glue.

justify buying more expensive prints by using them in strips across multiple gifts.

use vintage ribbons and trims.

make ribbons from fabrics.

(and this one is my favourite) use left-over selvedges as ribbons. It’s so cheery!

So my advice? Spend less on paper this week and more on strings, ribbons, garlands, lace, trimmings, fabric scraps, washi tape or rick-rack:


for more ideas, visit my pinterest wall (I just started it yesterday – oh, how fun!)

Stay tuned tomorrow for a tutorial on the gift tags seen in this post!

<3 love!

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