Get organised for Christmas: Week four, choose an outfit

This may seem a bit frivolous, but sometimes I like to choose clothes to wear for events, weeks in advance; and since Christmas is a special time, I think it is worth putting on something that makes you feel special. For this Christmas, I’m thinking dresses in white, gold/silver/bronze or champagne – or go for red or green if you like a bit more colour. Check out my new Pinterest board for ideas:

Here are some key things to think about if you are one to find this daunting (which I, for so long did, having struggled with a negative body image and low self-esteem in some of my formative years):

1. Have fun! (because above all, dressing up should be fun) Remember dress-ups as a child? Throw clothes on with reckless abandon. Layer each thing you see. Become a character. Dance and laugh and sing.

2. Don’t be scared of how your body might feel or look in something different. If you’re feeling stressed or uncomfortable, take a deep breath. Remember: you don’t have to fit into anyone else’s look. Challenge yourself to buy something that fits well, even if you’re not sure about it in the shop (chances are, when you’re wearing it at home you’ll feel more confident -and if not, you can always return your purchase). Recently, my mum and aunty discovered the virtues of vigorella‘s clothing – it’s one size fits all and is comfy and slimming – truly amazing, I could write an entire post about it. If you’re finding clothes tricky, give it a go.

3. Look through the clothes you already own. Often a dress will look different with a belt, a scarf, a wrap, or a necklace. Spesh!

4. Go op-shopping. You can test a new look more cheaply, and the proceeds will help someone who needs it. Look for the potential in the clothes you find – get creative! This white dress originally had (ghastly) sleeves. They have been snipped off (I just need to finish sewing the hems) which brings clearer focus to its clean lines.

5. Remember the most important things; you are made and loved by your creator (who clothed the flowers with more splendor than King Solomon), and people know and love you for who you are.  Christmas is, above all, a time to celebrate these facts, so don’t fret pet!

happily, katie.

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