…I aquired my grandmother’s old overlocker.

It was strange stepping back into her old sewing room; the shelves were heavy with memories, written across books, the old chocolate boxes (full of string), and plastic bags saved to protect precious things I never knew about.

I still remember sitting there wide-eyed as she told me stories of her childhood, and read to us gently. It was all rolling green and pure sunshine, lights caught in dew-laiden spider-webs, for us. 

There was less grace about the last time we sat together; she was passing down the things she had made, and we both knew her time had come. We were awkward and sad and not quite sure how to act around each other. 

Stepping back into her old sewing room, I tip-toed around the memories, treading softly, whispering, and carrying away something I could use again. 

I cried the whole way home.

… I bought this: “Stylish dress book” by Yoshiko Tsukiori. It is really sweet and has an alphabet’s worth of dresses and shirts + patterns in the back:

Today I have my final exam, so tonight I am going to buy some fabric, thread up the over-locker, and try to make something.

(I think I like it that my first over-locked project will be made with my Grandmother’s machene. Maybe I’ll frame it.)

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